Get notified when an app accesses your Mac's camera or mic

Mac malware often spies on users by recording audio and video sessions...sometimes in an undetected manner.
OverSight monitors a mac's mic and webcam, alerting the user when the internal mic is activated, or whenever a process accesses the webcam.
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One thing you should to know about Oversight, do NOT use it:
My iMac's camera LED randomly came on this morning for a few seconds before going off again. That led me to discover this app, which is exactly what I was after. I want to know which specific app or process is using my Mac's camera at any given moment.
How can I trust this isn't also malware? Is the code open-source and auditable?
hmm but what about external thunderbolt monitors ? Unfortunately this app only works with built-in camera and mic...
Nice product! Is it open source?
@maicol_bentancor Nope, it's not open source. It's made by Patrick Wardle, one of the world's authorities on security of the Mac. All of his excellent security tools are free with the option to become a patreon if you like his work.