Keeping track of who said what in tech

Big Tech executives are quoted everyday, leaving clues for us to decipher. Oversaid emails you what they're saying once a week, cutting through the BS with irreverent commentary and in-depth analysis.
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I signed up and just read your most recent newsletter. I will look forward to opening and reading this every single week. Thanks for sharing, @atestu. I'd love to learn more about your process if you're open to sharing. How do you find the quotes? How do you decide which ones to use? And how long does it take you to write the commentary? (Your insights are wonderful.) You sparked so many thoughts. This newsletter could start some really smart conversations. I would love it if other people could also add their insights about each quote.
Thank you for the kind words @laurenproctor32! The quotes are automatically extracted from a long list of tech news sources (by a program i built). Then I go through the list and try to find quotes that are interesting which can mean different things: - quotes that tell more than the headline (I don't want this email to become news) - quotes that reveal clues about companies' strategy (why are they doing X? how are they doing it differently than their competitor?) - contradictions: executives saying something that goes against what they company is doing… It takes me a while to write the commentary. I think about as I pick the quotes and then I build the newsletter like a puzzle, trying to group quotes and commentary together to form stories. Keep thinking about this and reply to the emails, I'd love to hear more from you. I like the idea of people adding their own thoughts. I'm building something bigger that will let people catalog quotes and form their own insights (that will be a paid product however).
Hi all, Over the past few months I have been building a data pipeline that extracts quotes and assigns them to company executives, using natural language processing. I am focusing on the tech industry right now which I know pretty well (I used to work at @cbinsights). Every Wednesday I put together a newsletter featuring interesting quotes and explain why they matter. Eventually, Oversaid will be a platform that lets you search quotes yourself and come up with your own analysis, but I wanted to launch something early while I build out the product so that I can learn from prospective customers. I'm having a lot of fun writing these up and I hope you enjoy reading them!