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Really excited about our first major release since launching the app in mid-January. We've gathered a ton of feedback from the awesome community of hosts and guests and today I would like to introduce what we've been hard at work building ... In Spontaneity We Trust: Overnight stays are bringing spontaneous people together all over and today we're launching New York City along with V2 of our product. The stays on Overnight are primarily with locals — like you're booking an extra bedroom in their home ... This means we're bringing people together and providing an extremely unique local experience. It's not a vacation-rental experience — it's truly home-sharing. (I'm writing this from my host's dining room table in New York City). We've seen extra bedrooms, entire places, sofas, beds in boats, hexi-yurts, and other awesome places but the most important thing isn't the four walls that shelter people for last-minute stays — it's the local experience the host provides, and what's on the other side of those four walls. Some of the things we've changed in the iOS are: • Multiple night bookings - It's still same day, but for multiple days at a time now. • Browse listings and book in minutes - We're actively sorting the best listings for you. Right where you are, for right now. Hosts respond quickly. • Trust and safety - we're bringing awesome information to the top of the user experience like verifications, mutual friends and more. • Toggle your privacy as a host. Host without showing your profile We've officially launched Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin TX and now New York City. Live somewhere else and want to host? Add your listing and we'll be there as soon as possible — thousands of hosts have added beautiful listings in more than 45 countries.
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@asher_hunt This looks AWESOME! Exactly what I need when traveling the country.
@asher_hunt hats off to the team on this release. Stoked to host more travelers and meet more locals on my adventures.
@brandon_kleinman where are you traveling next?
great stuff guys!
@masoudardestani Hey thanks so much Masoud — really appreciate it
Congrats on V2 @asherhunt! 👏🏻
@whoismaxpelzner @asherhunt Thanks max! Really appreciate your support — it's been a long time coming.
These guys/app are killer. Love the update!
@jayyeh thanks so much man — means a ton! Let me know if there's anything else you would love to see
How about London? And Paris? The latter is airbnb's biggest city already. So def potential
@loudijk I can't wait for us to get out there — we definitely already have listings in both cities although we haven't officially launched there. I want to make sure we're able to provide an experience that is really great — and we don't have the density there just yet, but we will definitely get there.
@asher_hunt cool! Makes sense.
@loudijk @asher_hunt - any way prospective hosts in London can hook up with you?
@alicelthwaite you should absolutely download the app and list your place — we do have a handful of hosts in London although we haven't officially launched.