Start a business at your full-time job. A free audiobook.

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Hey @mijustin thanks for the hunt! Thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Sean McCabe, and I'm the author of Overlap. Overlap helps you go from overwhelmed and feeling stuck to getting clarity and creating financial freedom. The book is a practical, down to earth guide on making a living doing what you love while using the day job to support your bills. It's a transition, not a leap! I’ve been working on this book for nearly four years, and after hundreds of in-person conversations with people who feel stuck, what I discovered is this: Most books are addressing the wrong problems. I found that the things holding you back aren’t necessarily lack of business knowledge, finance, or anything like that (although yes, the book covers those things in depth). In my conversations, I learned it’s these things that are holding you back: • Lack of support from your family. • Trouble finding motivation. • Not enough time. • Difficulty focusing. • Unsure of the right thing to pursue. • Feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities. I reverse engineered Overlap to solve every single one of these struggles. First, I help you get unstuck, then I give you the practical steps so you can build a business while working a full time job. I hope the book helps you.
Oh, we also did something really cool with the audiobook—which is free ($0.00) by the way: You get your own unique feed link that you can plug into your favorite podcast app to get immediate access to the audiobook on the go! The chapters simply show up as individual episodes. The feedback we're getting on this has been pretty awesome. 👌🏼😄
@seanwes That sounds cool! is the audiobook still free?
My friend @seanwes is one of the most articulate thinkers I know. He can take things that feel vague and undefined, and make them clear. His new book is Overlap, and I'm listening to it right now. If you've ever wanted to quit your day job and build your own startup, this is for you!
I've been following Sean since 2015 with everything he teaches. It's what inspired me to use the revenue channels I have today, whereas I might have just stuck with being content having an uncomfortably unfulfilling day job. I started pursuing design and have grown my own small business with clients and grew a small but fulfilling community. I've been listening to this audiobook this morning, and this is exactly what I need. Thanks for sharing @mijustin @seanwes
This is one of the smartest ways that I've ever heard about HONESTLY pursuing a business on the side or moving between projects. It articulates something so many people have struggled to wrap their minds around.
Just grabbed the audio! Can't wait to dive in!