AI virtual personal assistant for scheduling meetings

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I can't see this displacing Amy (x.ai) for me but I'm willing to try it out. The margin for error in this space is really small. How will this impact the way you iterate & release new features?
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@jhtdc I agree 100% I am a user of Amy and love it but it has been a bit of process getting things right.
@jhtdc We know the bar is very high and work to make sure every meeting request is accurate. We will continue to improve our language engine and have plans for personalization and more.
@andrewjb44 @jhtdc We have an easy to use settings page to customize your account all in one place.
I have been using Overlap since it launched, and I am a believer. It saves me time by eliminating the need for all those back-and-forth emails. I also love being able to name my virtual assistant.
@chrisfranco Thank you! we love you, too!
I'm excited to try this, the problem has yet to be solved in a meaningful way. What sets your service apart?
@kikischirr Thanks! Overlap is attacking this problem--by getting rid of meeting ping pong, by offering a common view of a group calendar and by some of the advanced features we offer. Your Overlap.cc assistant works to ease the complexity of scheduling meetings (you start via email) and to capture much of the uniqueness of how different people like to consider and schedule their time.
This doesn't seem to take many of the pain-points away of scheduling apart from writing the actual email yourself... How does this improve the scheduling experience significantly? :)
@bentossell Just simply type an email to your guest with a time frame and cc your Overlap Assistant (you get to name him / her). We will work with your guest(s) to coordinate a time and rest of the stuff :)
@ayeshkiani yeah but there is still an email invitation to the recipient... and then you have to confirm. If you take a tool out of this, you can just email someone with times yourself... doesn't seem to vastly improve the situation thats all
@bentossell If you suggest a few times to the guest, they may be busy during those times. Which means for each person with whom you're setting up a meeting, the back and forth can be burdensome depending on how many meetings you arrange per week. Multiply that complexity if you're dealing with a group (more than 2 people). We are taking the difficulty out of this process by automating it and adding intelligence such as, overlapping calendars to find common times - travel time between meetings - time zone problems - as well as a number of other smart features.
@ayeshkiani Hey, Overlap looks like a lighter-weight alternative to some of the other solutions. If I never have to play the "why don't you suggest a few days and time that work for you" game, I will be a happy camper. Questions (because I don't do product videos mostly. there are many in my tribe). Can you work with a non-gmail email for communications as long as there's a gcal in play.