Overhe.re: Pokémons

Instant Pokémon GO chat and discoveries

Hello Hunters! Yes, this is YAPGA (Yet-another-Pokemon-Go-App), but this time, for a good reason. We've built this app in order to see our uber-secretly developed Geo-located, built to scale API called "Overhe.re". Overhe.re will eventually provide a simple REST API that stores and retrieves geo-located objects in high availability and at out-most speed. We decided to ride on the P:GO wave and test it out in the form of the application you see here, a social chat / Pokémon sighting reporting application (And we can't wait to hear your thoughts on it). At the moment, this neat little thing provides some basic features such as chatting with people around you, and reporting any Pokémon you see for the benefit of the human-race. Enjoy, please.
@eladmeidar Why not use a real-time Pokemon tracker that directly fetches exact Pokemon locations and expiration times from the PoGo API?
@nitrogen we checked, sniffing the real API is forbidden and we didn't want the app to get blocked / violating some laws. we just wanted to create something social around the game and while doing that, test our database abilities.
@eladmeidar Any differentiators from some of the other apps besides some of the backend stuff you mentioned?
Gotta geocache them all!