Record your prototype & app with device frame overlay.

Overframe is a screen recording app that comes with phone frame for you to overlay on top of your app or prototype window. Get nice little video to share it around 👍

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Hello ProductHunt. I’m back with another project 👋 Here’s the problem I’m trying to solve with Overframe ➡️ I always record my app in the iOS Simulator and prototypes that I made in Principle and InVision Studio. But I don’t know how to put those videos inside a nice phone mockup in order to share them on Twitter, Dribbble or even to upload to my portfolio. I probably need Adobe After Effects or some kind of video editing tool for that. I figured it should be easy enough to build an app for that, so I did. And now you can have it too! Let me know if you have any feedback and suggestions :)
Awesome idea, @gaddafirusli. Great way to fake a demo.
@rrhoover yes it is haha thanks!
I've always used Keynote to place a device over my .mov and screen recorded all of it. Excited to give this a shot. Awesome.
@thejfkshow No extra steps required anymore!
This is so cool. Amazing work!!
So simple. I have a base template folder on my desktop for creating screenshots with the device. Always annoying swapping in and out. Will be putting this to good use!
@markmiscavage Thank you! If you only want to generate image with device mockup (instead of screen recording), my other project should make it easier for you -> https://shotsnapp.com 😉
@gaddafirusli shotnsnap made my regular workflow. love it. i was wondering is there a way to use it programmatically ? from a PNG ? how can i automatise mookup creation ?
@francoolaami Thanks for using it! Unfortunately I don't have any plan for automation/API for that for the time being.