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A powerful yet simple podcast player

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 21, 2017

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Matt Horton@mattahorton · Product Manager, Capital One
I never got the fanaticism around Overcast. This is better than the previous iteration, but meh. I also find Marco's aversion to Chromecast because the API is closed source to be rather 🙄-worthy.
Andreas Duess@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
@mattahorton I do agree. It's a decent app, but in no way outstanding. The Chromecast stance has been a long-standing deal killer for me, especially now that Google Home is in the market.
Can Comertoglu@cancom10 · Product @OneDrive (prev: Vimeo, Amzn)
@mattahorton It's purpose-built podcast listener. I haven't found anything comparable. What do you use?
Matt Horton@mattahorton · Product Manager, Capital One
@cancom10 I use Pocket Casts. I think it's better as a matter of preference, but I also think Overcast and Pocket Casts sit above the rest.
Tuan Cao@tuancm
@mattahorton I used to be a frequent user of Overcast but it never clicked to me. Then I found Castro, I like it much better than Overcast. It's been my favourite Podcast player for a while now.
Pritesh Desai@priteshdesai · Read news in VR with Little Maxima app
@andreasduess Same with me. Chromecast support would make it perfect. Although I discovered an iOS app which lets you cast audio from any app including Overcast.
Randy Miller@milla_killa · srWorx. Vitality Films. Ex-MoversSuite.
@cancom10 @mattahorton I've been trying it but haven't found that 'purpose' of the purpose built to click for me yet. What do you find the purpose that resonates with you? The biggest gripe about Apple's Podcasts app is viewing descriptions sucks and you can't do it without accidentally starting the podcast. What makes you seek out another app?
Jason Shultz@thehashrocket · Senior Software Engineer, 3form
@cancom10 @mattahorton Pocket Casts FTW. And they go to great lengths to keep their android app just as good as their iOS app which I appreciate since I change platforms almost yearly.
Mariusz Ciesla@dotmariusz · Designer & Co-founder of Lifetramp.com
@mattahorton same. I use Pocket Casts, because they support Chromecast and a bunch of other things.
Ari@ariaitch · Director of Marketing & eCommerce
@mattahorton totally with ya on that. What ever happened to http://www.nexcast.co?
Robert Benjamin@robert_benjamin
@tuancm @mattahorton Castro has the best interface of any iOS app I've ever used. They should hire the guy to redesign iOS, no joke.
Miss the swipe to delete option.
Matt Horton@mattahorton · Product Manager, Capital One
@bluespringstn it's still there.
@mattahorton Only on the main list but not for once you enter into the individual podcast that lists the episodes.
Eric Wilson@ecwilson · Product Lead & Co-founder, Pro.com
@bluespringstn @mattahorton So you can only swipe to delete podcast series, not individual episodes. For me, I used swipe-to-delete podcast episodes 100x as much. I like the new card UI, and subtle icon update – it feels very polished. But as a daily user for years, the new list UI feels foreign and like more work than what I was used to. Feel the same way about having to swipe on the "now playing" screen to access the sleep timer. Maybe it works better for a new user or is a less cluttered design, but it feels like a downgrade to me.
@ecwilson I totally agree, definitely more work.
Steffen@_aetro · Product Designer @wishtechnology
@bluespringstn me too ✋
Kyle Richey@imakestrides · CEO, ConquerApathy.com
@bluespringstn Agreed! Although, tapping the episode then the delete button is similar, and it's about the same amount of steps to 3D Touch to Peek and swipe up then delete (if you do it in one almost fluid motion). That said, swipe left was definitely better.
Gabriel Lewis@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
A great update to my favorite podcast app 😻
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Wow, this is a huge update for Overcast. Here're some comparisons of what's new: Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New
Kunal Bhatia@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
@chrismessina I think this is probably in the running for the "PH Longest Comment of the Year" award. Thank you for the comparison though! Great to see the evolution.
Alexandre Vallières@vallieres · ½ of RGBA.fm | Web Developer | Blogger
@kunalslab @chrismessina I would have gave bonus points if it was side by side :P
tom meagher@tomfme · now is good.
@vallieres @kunalslab @chrismessina @rrhoover There has to be a better way to display comments like this.
Kunal Bhatia@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Hugo Fauquenoi@hfauq · Helping users grow @twistappteam
@kunalslab @chrismessina thought i'd never stop scrolling. I was scared (awesome comparison!)
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@vallieres if PH supported table cells or image uploads, I totally would have used them!
Ari@ariaitch · Director of Marketing & eCommerce
@kunalslab @chrismessina we should create CommentHunt :P
Ari@ariaitch · Director of Marketing & eCommerce
@tomfme @vallieres @kunalslab @chrismessina @rrhoover lightbulb moment! lol They should do a slider like in the media tab for each hunted product
Daniel Marcinkowski@dmarcinkowski_ · Junior SM Specialist @ DaftCode
The new watchOS app looks great, but I still prefer Pocket Casts because of Chromecast support and simpler UI