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I never got the fanaticism around Overcast. This is better than the previous iteration, but meh. I also find Marco's aversion to Chromecast because the API is closed source to be rather 🙄-worthy.
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@mattahorton I do agree. It's a decent app, but in no way outstanding. The Chromecast stance has been a long-standing deal killer for me, especially now that Google Home is in the market.
@mattahorton It's purpose-built podcast listener. I haven't found anything comparable. What do you use?
@cancom10 I use Pocket Casts. I think it's better as a matter of preference, but I also think Overcast and Pocket Casts sit above the rest.
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@mattahorton I used to be a frequent user of Overcast but it never clicked to me. Then I found Castro, I like it much better than Overcast. It's been my favourite Podcast player for a while now.
@andreasduess Same with me. Chromecast support would make it perfect. Although I discovered an iOS app which lets you cast audio from any app including Overcast.
Miss the swipe to delete option.
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@bluespringstn it's still there.
@mattahorton Only on the main list but not for once you enter into the individual podcast that lists the episodes.
@bluespringstn @mattahorton So you can only swipe to delete podcast series, not individual episodes. For me, I used swipe-to-delete podcast episodes 100x as much. I like the new card UI, and subtle icon update – it feels very polished. But as a daily user for years, the new list UI feels foreign and like more work than what I was used to. Feel the same way about having to swipe on the "now playing" screen to access the sleep timer. Maybe it works better for a new user or is a less cluttered design, but it feels like a downgrade to me.
@ecwilson I totally agree, definitely more work.
A great update to my favorite podcast app 😻
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Wow, this is a huge update for Overcast. Here're some comparisons of what's new: Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New Old New
@chrismessina I think this is probably in the running for the "PH Longest Comment of the Year" award. Thank you for the comparison though! Great to see the evolution.
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@kunalslab @chrismessina I would have gave bonus points if it was side by side :P
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@vallieres @kunalslab @chrismessina @rrhoover There has to be a better way to display comments like this.
@kunalslab @chrismessina thought i'd never stop scrolling. I was scared (awesome comparison!)
The new watchOS app looks great, but I still prefer Pocket Casts because of Chromecast support and simpler UI