Overcast 2.0

A powerful yet simple audio podcast player

#3 Product of the DayOctober 09, 2015
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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Overcast is my favorite podcast player. It does just what you need although I've been missing the streaming capability which is now supported (woohoo!). I also paid $4.99 for the extra features, particularly the sleep timer.
Marc Köhlbrugge@marckohlbrugge · Founder of BetaList
The App Store listing on what's new in 2.0: - Streaming - Chapters - Storage management - Icon badge option - Play-by-priority option - Smart Speed now dynamically adjusts to quiet voices - Lots of bugs fixed, including playlist reordering and storage growth - Tons of little improvements and optimizations Also, all features are now free. A new optional monthly patronage is available.
Marc Köhlbrugge@marckohlbrugge · Founder of BetaList
@marckohlbrugge Pro tip: You can buy 12 months of patronage multiple times!
Noah TovaresHunter@noahtovares · Zenrez
All New version of Overcast. From the launch post - "It’s mostly a major under-the-hood improvement, with relatively few user-facing changes". He's also made all the features free, which is pretty exciting.
Zack Shapiro@zackshapiro · Director of Engineering at BUMP (YC W18)
Really fascinated by the patronage model. Internet patronage is in its infancy, really excited to see how it develops
Justin Jackson@mijustin · ⚡️ transistor.fm
@zackshapiro I haven't seen other patronage experiments get much traction. It will be interesting to see how it works for @marcoarment.
Zack Shapiro@zackshapiro · Director of Engineering at BUMP (YC W18)
@mijustin fair. Patreon is an interesting company if you've never heard of them. I think it could be a great model that kind of forks off of crowdfunding since many people are pretty comfortable with it now
Cristian Espinoza@crisgarner · Founder @ http://startupreef.co
Just gave it a try, not sure how could I live without smart speed and 1.2x, this is my new podcast app