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Overcast is my favorite podcast player. It does just what you need although I've been missing the streaming capability which is now supported (woohoo!). I also paid $4.99 for the extra features, particularly the sleep timer.
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The App Store listing on what's new in 2.0: - Streaming - Chapters - Storage management - Icon badge option - Play-by-priority option - Smart Speed now dynamically adjusts to quiet voices - Lots of bugs fixed, including playlist reordering and storage growth - Tons of little improvements and optimizations Also, all features are now free. A new optional monthly patronage is available.
@marckohlbrugge Pro tip: You can buy 12 months of patronage multiple times!
All New version of Overcast. From the launch post - "It’s mostly a major under-the-hood improvement, with relatively few user-facing changes". He's also made all the features free, which is pretty exciting.
Really fascinated by the patronage model. Internet patronage is in its infancy, really excited to see how it develops
@zackshapiro I haven't seen other patronage experiments get much traction. It will be interesting to see how it works for @marcoarment.
@mijustin fair. Patreon is an interesting company if you've never heard of them. I think it could be a great model that kind of forks off of crowdfunding since many people are pretty comfortable with it now
Just gave it a try, not sure how could I live without smart speed and 1.2x, this is my new podcast app