Bread baking made easy.

OvenClub is an app that will help you bake bread at home. With OvenClub you will have access to built-in timers and reminders, ingredients and equipment lists and a growing list of tested recipes.

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Can't wait to hear what people think about it!
I nearly passed this by, not seeing a link to Android app. Why not include that in your post? https://play.google.com/store/ap...
@cornandchicken Oops!!! Late nights. Added, thank you! 👍
Just had a quick look, looks great and I'm excited to try the Japanese Milk Bread this weekend; having an indicator of how long the recipes are would be very helpful (without have to go through all the steps). Maybe 'Start to Finish: Xhrs'?
@garethjames That is great feedback, added to my TODO list for the next version.