A beautiful charger dock for the Apple Watch

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This may sound silly, but how do you navigate the page?
@chrismaddern ... tried scrolling hardcore? ;) Otherwise use the navigator dots on the right side :)
@chrismaddern The "buy" button was incredibly hard to find as well. Not sure if that's a CSS bug or what. Here's a screenshot: http://boxy.d.pr/1jPcJ Beautiful charger dock though, love it!
@justinscheetz True, this is a CSS bug, not a feature... Sorry :/ We're working on a complete overhaul of the page in the background ;) Thanks, appreciate it :)
Are there plans for other colors? I think I would dig a sharp brown leather one
@danjfein Hey Dan, yes, they are: we'll release one in a very dark wood with a golden charger (looks cooler and way less snotty than it may sound), and a white / golden one. We'll give leather a thought ;)
Looking forward to the white/golden one, only problem is I may think it looks blue/black ;)
@danjfein I'm pretty sure we can make a special edition for you ;)