Your friends can flip elections

The Outvote app tells you which of your friends live in a critical swing district, their party affiliation, and whether they have missed past elections. Then it lets you send them a prepared text message that include all the relevant links and information they’ll need to vote in the upcoming midterms.

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Naseem Makiya
Electing Democrats this November
Hey Product Hunt! We are Naseem Makiya, James Moffet, Elizabeth Devane, and Jeff Quinn - and we are Outvote. We built Outvote because we believe there's a better way to get-out-the-vote. In a political landscape polluted with dark money, Russian bots, and fake news, that's what friends are for! We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved and encourage their friends to do the same. We’d love your feedback on the app.
OutvoteYour friends can flip elections
If you're upset we only work with Democrats and progressives, we just launched a nonpartisan version in partnership with Vote.org. Check it out: https://votedotorg.outvote.io/app
Laura CarpenterCEO & Co-Founder of Abridge News
Hi - love the concept and the idea. I'm curious about your decision to only open this up to Democrats though. Can you elaborate more on your rationale?
I would agree with Laura, why are you only offering this to Democrats? Every one has the right to vote for any party. This is a free country last I checked. Very disappointing!