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Samuel Pavin
Samuel PavinHunter@sampavin · Corporate Innovation and startups
What do Uber, Wix, Kayak, Vinted etc have in common? They all have at least some of their development done in Lithuania. #OutsourceLithuania is a curated list of the best digital agencies and freelancers ready to help you with your next startup MVP or existing projects. You'll find here everything from web and mobile app developers, to graphic and 3D designers. List was created by local startup entrepreneurs as a side project with a goal to connect tech and startup communities. What more? Having been closely involved in the growth of Lithuania over the past 3-4 years, I can confirm they are a force to be reckoned in the startup world and they have amazing skills to offer.
Eddy Balcikonis
Eddy BalcikonisMaker@edmundas4 · CEO, TrackDuck
Samuel, big thanks from Paulius and me for sharing our little project! :) Folks, I'll be more than happy to answer any questions. Please let me know any feedback or suggestions you might have! Eddy
Fredrik Olovsson
Fredrik Olovsson@mrolovsson · Developer, loving #tech4good
That's a long list :-) Do you have any plans to add reviews, ratings, price examples etc. to make it easier to choose an agency, at least to start the first conversation with?
Eddy Balcikonis
Eddy BalcikonisMaker@edmundas4 · CEO, TrackDuck
@mrolovsson thanks for the question Fredrik! Yes, we have rankings, reviews and categories in plans. Not sure about price examples as services vary a lot, will have to think about it :)
Mahboob I
Mahboob I@mah_imt · Karmasnap
This is exactly like Volubilis.. https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Eddy Balcikonis
Eddy BalcikonisMaker@edmundas4 · CEO, TrackDuck
@mah_imt no it's not, because we promote existing digital agencies and individual freelancers, but thanks for sharing :)