Outside of the Classroom

A podcast on hacking the education school never gave you

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tldr; Podcast to teach young people all of the practical & important stuff about life that you don't learn in school. Looking for feedback + ideas on how to monetize for the future. --- We are on a mission to teach people all of the practical & important stuff that school never taught them. Stuff like: 1) How to build a personal brand 2) How to land your dream internship 3) How to get paid and travel the world 4) How to start a business 5) How to build a network from scratch and so much more... So far, we've interviewed speakers, entrepreneurs, and even Jeorpardy Champion Arthur Chu! Although more listeners & email subscribers would be fantastic, I'm much more interested in getting feedback on the episodes. Also if anyone had any ideas on how to take this concept and turn it a profitable business. I know many directions that I could take this in, but I'm curious to learn what successful entrepreneurs in the Product Hunt community would do :) Thanks for reading. Big shout out to Product Hunt for featuring me :)
@mrtampham Thanks for this, as someone still in University podcasts like this are so valuable. Please let me know if I can ever help with anything.
@abityastunggal @mrtampham Thanks so much Abi :) What is it that you do?
@mrtampham I'm studying finance/mathematics at the moment, and programming on the side. :)
Can't match Tam when it comes to enthusiasm and energy. Love the podcast and his interviews.
@sydney_liu_sl Thanks Sydney! :)
Great idea! Don't sell out ... the revenue will come ;)
@garywillmott Haha Good to know, Gary ^_^ Will never be a "sell out"
wow! I know this guy and he's pretty cool!
@diplateevo HAHAHA Thank you Daniel :)
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