A new take on retrospectives for progressive teams

Outro is an app for *actually* effective team retrospectives.
🍾Bring the team together to celebrate our hard work.
👍Create a dedicated place to recognize teammates for their accomplishments.
🔍Identify what can be improved and hold ourselves accountable to it.
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Outro is an awesome way for teams to celebrate one another, and work together to improve on a regular basis. Taylor, one of the makers, is a serious believer in retros. We first met while working together at Crowdtap, a startup where the whole team really dedicated themselves to this ritual on a weekly basis, and it showed. When Taylor sent me what he was working on, it really resonated with me. More teams should be doing this to improve productivity and morale.
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Product Hunt! 👋Long time no see👋! Very excited to be back with my second project. For the past 18 months (515 hours to be exact), I’ve been building an app called outro.co. Outro is for team retrospectives. It has one purpose - to get your team to run retros that are *actually* helpful. Wait - what’s a retrospective? A retro is a candid, team-wide discussion about how the team is doing, both the accomplishments and the challenges. When done right, it creates more effective, more close-knit teams. A good team retro has 3 clear outcomes: 🤗 It builds a sense of camaraderie and makes us feel like we’re all in this together 🔑 We come to rely on the retro as an open forum for discussion with the whole team. Communication is key for a highly-functioning team 📈 Our team improves by 1% each time (1.01 ^ 365, etc.) And they really, really work. As a Product Manager, I’ve been hosting or participating in retros since 2011… every single week. I’ve seen the difference it makes, and I’ve seen how few teams do it well. Good retros do exist, they are incredibly valuable, and there are objectively good reasons why your team should start building the habit now. If you work alongside a collaborative team in any industry, and you like the sound of working better together, then I’d love for you to check this app out. And if you do check it out, please please send me your feedback. Thanks for reading 🙌
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Until outro, there hasn't been a good tool for running/managing retros, and most retros are a bit slipshod. Outro comes with an opinionated way of running retros which leads to excellent results, and makes running retros the right way incredibly easy.


Outro is such an amazing, easy-to-use, lightweight way to run retros. It helps you run retros without any other orchestration needed.


Need to be able to sort the issues by priority ascending/descending and also would be nice to sort by other criteria.

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I work on a team with the maker. We have been using Outro for our retros for a long time now, and I've seen the tool mature over time and got to participate in providing feedback as it was developed. If I ever move on from my current role, I'll advocate for my new team to adopt Outro to support our retros.


Summary email helps keep track of action items & owners. Persistence of unresolved past concerns & action items.


Doesn’t track kudos against team members. Doesn’t include additional metrics on the closing screen (e.g. this week's vs. past weeks).

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