Anonymously and publicly write about & celebrate friends

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@cjl49 I really love this idea. The world needs more positive energy and happiness. This is the right way to approach using anonymity for good, not for hurting people.
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Thanks @davemorin, that's fantastic to hear! And is exactly what we're going for.
@davemorin love logging in to find a random compliment on the #productdebaters event we did. Super fun to find personalized, meaningful nuggets of kindness waiting for you.
Thanks @MackFlavelle, you're the man!
@davemorin and of course, any feedback is welcome, from you or anybody. Thanks again for the sentiment.
This is actually what Secret started out doing, but they pivoted to focus on the more social experience of sharing secrets publicly. Edit: now that I'm using the app, I guess these comments are public, but anonymous? That's different than Secret v1. In Secret v1, the feedback was private, sent from an anonymous email address (which you could respond to).
@chrismessina That's correct, it's public but anonymous. I think Secret is missing a social graph from their experience. It's effectively watching TV - you don't get to decide the content, it isn't personalized, and you're never asked to invest in the app. A "friend of a friend" is effectively one of 5000+ people = random. So part of this is definitely trying to pin a social graph on anonymity!
@cjl49 hmm, that's not exactly right. Secret specifically shows you content from your contacts, presuming they've shared anything. If they haven't, then you're shown content from FOAFs. The problem with any anonymous app that also relies on your social graph is plausible deniability — how many friends do you need to have before you can reveal the content they produce without outing their identities? I think on Secret it's at least 5.
@chrismessina we hope that approaching with a culture of appreciation and goodness means that true anonymity isn't required, and we'll get better at it with critical mass
Thanks @kaz!!! Creator here :) excited to launch the beta literally 5 minutes ago!
@cjl49 congrats on the launch — I downloaded the beta and am using it, but on every screen I visit, I see the spinner of death. Any idea why?
@chrismessina Our contacts sync needs a little speed work. It should just take some time, depending on how many contacts you have. Didn't expect to be on PH yet - now we'll fix it up ASAP. Thanks :)
@cjl49 are you using digits.com?
@chrismessina I'm not. We built ours before Twitter flight. Digits is awesome! But it actually wasn't that hard to build our own. We do have to pay for Twilio though.