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OutOfOffice is a mobile application that fosters collaboration and learning within a startup community through direct access to successful entrepreneurs, in-person hangouts, and our forum.

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Hey all My name is Brandon, and I’m one of the founders along with my partners Andy and Eugene. We come from traditional corporate backgrounds and only recently became interested in launching our own projects. Throughout the inception of our first few projects, we’ve had a unique opportunity to discuss and collaborate with a few VC backed founders. We realized that this learning opportunity is superior to anything you can get out of a book, blog, or other tool. It’s unique and personalized. We want to be able to deliver that same experience with the OutOfOffice App. Our mission is to help users learn from the best and collaborate with other ambitious entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, we are only in the App Store at the moment, but are currently building out a web app and hope to launch that soon. We hope you’ll check out our community and help us make it as awesome as we know it can be. Thanks!

A great community of entrepreneurs and direct access to startup founders


Startup Founders and CEOs


No android

Met some cool people through OOO that have a like minded and have a lot of knowledge across many industrie.


Very helpful community and solid discussions


Haven’t come across any yet