Outmuscle Me

We are what we repeatedly do - challenge yourself.

Finding the motivation to keep doing physical exercises is hard, involving friends and competing with them makes it fun and this is what Outmuscle Me is all about. Now it's not uncommon to see a person doing push ups in the office :)
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Hello Product Hunt, I am the maker of Outmuscle Me, the creation of this platform came from a challenge between co-workers which kind of grew on it's own into something bigger. Currently we support 6 types of exercises and each of our users can create challenges - choose a start and an end date and invite people by sharing a simple URL. I've written a couple of posts in my personal blog on the matter - you can check it at https://tagrudev.com/2019/outmus... I would really appreciate some feedback. And big thank you to @chrismessina for Hunting it. Todor Grudev
It will surely going to be helpful.
Hey @miketakeoverer - can you share your thoughts? Your feedback is appreciated!
Hopefully it will be a good one!
@raymondphill221 how did you find the experience, let me know if you have any feedback :)
Going to challenge the mates :)
@yanitsa_yankova Let me know what they think, always looking forward for feedback
Can I join an existing challenge? Or maybe a new group that starts soon?
Hi @n8sch, that's a really good question. I have given a lot of thoughts on which features should I include in my first MVP as I am still building the platform and I am definitely planning on adding Public Challenges in there. Until then you can join https://outmuscle.me/invitations... this challenge which I started today and includes all of the exercises, I will make it public once I finish with developing that feature. Thanks a lot, let me know if that works for you Todor