OutLoud Social Jukebox

Control the music with your friends in real-time

OutLoud Social Jukebox is an app that lets your friends control the music at your party in real-time. With OutLoud, you'll always play music that best fits the crowd and the moment. You set up a playlist and have your friends add and vote for songs; the song with the most votes is played next.

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Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! With OutLoud, you'll always play music that best fits the crowd and the moment. You set up a playlist and have your friends add and vote for songs; the song with the most votes is played next. Basically: No more "one person" deciding the songs that are played; everybody decides together, whether at your next party, at work with your colleagues, at your favorite bar / coffee shop, etc. We focused on an insanely high-quality experience: - Integration with Spotify and SoundCloud - Super-fast: Everything gets updated instantly when someone adds / votes for a song - Insanely reliable: We know - at a party, the music can never stop - Free, no ads, no sign-ups Making sure everybody can join the experience: - iOS and Android version - Web app with full guest-capabilities accessible through customized playlist link (see example created for Product Hunt at outloud.dj/phunt) - TV app for everybody to rally around, can be projected via Chromecast - Guests can add any Spotify song without needing an account, only the host needs one We would love your feedback! Thanks!
@franktepas @chrismessina I bet this started at a hackathon
It's the second coming of turntable.fm! (Or something better!) Here's the high level: OutLoud is a social jukebox that lets you control the music at your party together with your friends. You can set up a playlist, have your friends join, they can add and vote for songs, and the song with the most votes is played next. The app has a ton of features: iOS and Android version, integration with Spotify (guests can add any song without needing a Spotify account, only the host needs one) and SoundCloud, web app with full guest-capabilities, TV app you can project via Chromecast, customizable playlist link for easy sharing, super-fast (everything gets updated instantly when someone adds / votes for a song), insanely reliable (we know: at a party, the music can never stop), many playlist customizations (e.g. vote-only) and a sleek UI. Love the multi-platform support. Good stuff!
See a demo of the web-app at https://outloud.dj/phunt (and influence the music at our office ;) )
What a funny coincidence, as I had just downloaded this app and left a positive review on the App Store over the weekend. Now, here it is on Product Hunt! Here's my review: "I am about to go on a road trip soon and we are having to take multiple cars to get to our destination. I was searching for a mobile DJ app, reminiscent of the old iTunes DJ which no longer exists. It would be the sort of app where participants can add songs to a playlist and vote on songs added by others. The songs with the highest votes would play first. This would save me the hassle of passing my phone around the car during our three hour trip. Spotify used to have a plug-in that would do this (can't remember the name), but I haven't found anything like it since Spotify shut down their plug-ins feature. Low and behold: OutLoud. This app is everything and then some! Hooks into Spotify (if host has premium) and SoundCloud. People can use the app or send a link to people and they can add songs through their mobile browser — for those friends who don't have the storage or interest in installing the app. Only the host needs Spotify if you wish to use Spotify, as a means of hooking into Spotify's API I would imagine. It's like a custom radio station by us for our long trip! It adds a little bit of fun to it. Perfect for parties too I'd imagine." My only feedback would be: Please add the option for other people to "tune in". Currently only the creator of the playlist can play the music, while others can only add music. But it would be nice for other people to be able to join and play at the same exact second-mark as the host, where it's in near-perfect sync. It would have been nice for all three cars on the roadtrip to have been able to listen to the playlist in sync, but currently every car will have to have its own dedicated playlist.
@graysonadams Thank you for sharing the feedback, we appreciate it! We're actually working on adding a "tune-in" type of feature. It will allow you and friends to be in different places while listening to the exact same music and collaborating on deciding the song that plays next. We'll keep you in the loop on the progress we're making!
I'll have a close look as I was a TT-fm junkie. But what I liked about TT was that others knew songs and artists I had never heard of... and often nobody in the room had heard of either. This forced a broader mind. If everyone in the room votes a song to play next, that seems to limit discovery. It's "group think" for music. Interestingly, from a marketing standpoint, the masses may prefer that. So kudos for "targeting." I will definitely explore. I'm a fan of anything in the shared music experience space. I just hope it's not "Apple" only right now. :-) - - - oh hey look... ANDROID! Niiiiice.
@jimcanto Thanks for the feedback. It's a great thought that we've been thinking about as well. Generally, people will vote for the songs they know/like hence, if those songs are played, they won't hear anything new. On the other hand, songs will be voted to the top that you may have never heard of. As a result, you'll hear new music that the people around you like best. This is I think pretty powerful and a more human-driven way of music discovery. Look forward to any more feedback as you explore. And thanks for the Android shout-out! :)
@franktepas Valid point. Looking forward to checking it out!
@jimcanto Thanks Jim! Looking forward to learning about any feedback you have.