Connect the physical to the digital with Outlinx

Start connecting the physical to the digital with Outlinx. We've created a new way for you to organize and communicate, by giving you the ability to use objects kind of like the pages of a notebook. We designed the mobile app and decorative stickers to make it easy for you to attach them to your things, add custom content, and post comments.

  • Pros: 

    Thoughtfully designed and a great way to share memories, or notes with people in our home or office. A more perm sticky note w/ comments


    Would be nice to have video / photo inline with the notes.

    Off to a great start! I want more!

    Matthew McIver has used this product for one month.
  • Binh Cao
    Binh Caodesigner

    So many different uses! Easy to use as a simple note-taking system, but scales so many different ways depending on how creative you can get.


    Would be cool to see more styles of stickers, or even customizable ones.

    Thinking up more ways to use these

    Binh Cao has used this product for one month.
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Greg Coakley
Greg Coakley@musictriage · Music Triage
This sounds cool, Is it possible to use at my AirBnB property to share notes with renter?
Derek Yap
Derek YapMaker@yapdj · Founder of Outlinx
@musictriage Yes absolutely! You can place a sticker on your fridge, store notes on it, and tell your renters to scan it for the latest information. You can also place stickers on certain appliances you want them to know specific information about (like how to work the washer/dryer). It could be a really good supplement to the informational binders most hosts provide for renters. The cool thing is you can update the information digitally instead of in print form.
Christian Ang
Christian Ang@christian_ang
this could be used in museums, airports, and tourist sites. would be nice to have a video to showcase some use cases 😄 congrats Derek!
Derek Yap
Derek YapMaker@yapdj · Founder of Outlinx
Appreciate the feedback @christian_ang, I think it would be pretty cool in public spaces as well. Thanks!
Derek Yap
Derek YapMaker@yapdj · Founder of Outlinx
Hello Product Hunt! I'm Derek the creator of Outlinx. I used to work as a mechanical design engineer, but about a year and a half ago I decided to refocus my efforts and make something cool. Hope you like it. Ever want to save a thought on paper, or on your phone, but you know that trying to find it again later will be more trouble than it’s worth? What if you could digitally store these thoughts on any object, then at a later time quickly retrieve them with your mobile phone? That's the idea behind Outlinx. With this product you can put our decorative smart stickers on things and use the Outlinx mobile app to save & retrieve user-generated words, pictures, and comments. Use physical objects around you like they are the pages of a connected notebook. We sell the stickers and give the App away for free on the App Store. Stickers are currently available to purchase on our website and on Amazon. Links are attached to this post. It's a great way to connect, communicate, & collaborate. Try it! To celebrate our Product Hunt launch we'd like to give the first 20 people to comment a free label book! Everybody else can purchase a label book for 25% off with code: producthunt (on our website - not on Amazon). Offer ends Friday Feb. 8th. Current retail price is $8.50 for 6 stickers - and did I mention the mobile app is free? Our app is ONLY AVAILABLE ON iPHONE for now, but we do have plans to release an Android version in the near future. We don't collect your personal information and we don't support advertisers. Some Key Features: - Every sticker contains a unique qr code (no two are identical) - Create an Outlinx page and connect it to a sticker - Outlinx pages are made up of your notes and images - Post comments to an Outlinx page as well - Share and collaborate with others - Link a single Outlinx page to multiple stickers - Get notified if someone comments on an Outlinx page you created - Any Outlinx sticker you scan can be saved to your folders Looking forward to your feedback. If you have any questions please let me know!
Maciej Czekala
Maciej Czekala@maciej_czekala
Great concept. Is there a way to get at least one trial sticker to test it?
Derek Yap
Derek YapMaker@yapdj · Founder of Outlinx
@maciej_czekala sure I'm happy to send you one. I'll DM you.