Outlinely for iPhone & iPad

An elegant app for organizing notes and thoughts

#5 Product of the DayDecember 25, 2016
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The UI imitates Ulysses' quite a bit.
@keirwilliams Yeah, but at least Ulysses charges a single fee for each app. $25 per year for sync between apps is a bit steep given the reasonably high entry point for the MacOS app.
@keirwilliams It looks just like Bear writer. Same editor font, same icon multi color design. Looks like a nice app though!
@stephenmarklevi cheaper than bear I think
Edited for grumpiness in original post: This looks a bit like a copy of workflowy to me, although with more bells and whistles. I've got to say that I've ditched most of my SAS subscriptions in this field, returned to paper notebooks and have never been happier. I am, for now, keeping my Evernote account going, but even that is under evaluation.
@andreasduess It's a lot like Workflowy, but they've almost stopped developing it. I'm going to give a go. Do you use Bullet Journal for paper notebook planning?
@amirmasoudabdol Workflowy does seem DOA. I like apps that emulate a bullet journal, but they may be a long-term fad like GTD. Tools like Trello that can be easily configured by the user to accommodate their "systems" set a high bar for apps like Outliney. An Outliney/Workflowy type view in one of the more visual tools (Trello/Asana) could be a perfect mashup though.
I love this. I have been trying to scrawl my outlines all over the place, I lose pieces of paper and notebooks, and nothing I have tried has been satisfying. This outline setup is just what I have been praying for, and seems to be set up exactly as I want. I just loaded this and will give it a shot. I DO agree, though, that the price is prohibitive.
And, what about a LARGE variety of fonts? I write all kinds of different stuff, from manuals to fiction to interviews to personal notes. I not only want to write on different coloured paper, but I use different fonts to separate my work in my brain. Eidetic memory seems to thrive on this kind of thing, so I am always looking for these two things as well.