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A community of givers dedicated to helping others financially and improving their Karma. Karma means you get what you deserve. So the more you give, the more you receive. This product is built entirely without code using a no-code template from Zeroqode (https://zeroqode.com)


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LevonMakerPro@levon377 · Founder, Zeroqode & Bubblewits
Happy Wednesday Product Hunters, Have any of you wondered why some people always experience financial difficulties, while others get along easily? We believe karma rules are the reason. According to them we get what we deserved in both this life, and past lives too. In order to restore the balance, and live a joyful life we need to start giving. The more we give, the more we receive. This is why we created Outkarma. A crowdfunding platform, that lets you commit to monthly payments which will go towards helping others achieve their goals or make their dreams come true. You are also very welcome to create your own fundraising campaign and get funds for whatever is very important for you. Experience the Joy of Giving with Outkarma. P.S. Outkarma is built entirely without code based on a no-code template from Zeroqode
Astghik A
Astghik A@astghik_azaryan · Advertising Ninja
Hey, What is the minimum budget you can donate monthly?
YinkaMaker@tsyinka · Product & Growth Manager @Pincapp
@astghik_azaryan Hi Astghik You can start from as little as $25 per month 😊
Parul Tomar
Parul Tomar@parul_tomar · Business Analyst
Such a thoughtful approach. Nowadays people are not usually ready to help people financially. Thanx to this great product.
Sona Shukla
Sona Shukla@sona_shukla · Marketing Manager
With the help of this app there would be less financial problems for people. Great Idea.