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Outgrow makes interactive marketing accessible to everyone. Think about it, if you go to a lawyer's website, would you rather click on "Contact Me" or use a calculator on "See how much I can save you in legal fees"? Outgrow enables marketers to create interactive, customizable quizzes, calculators, recommendation engines etc. and generate more leads and engage prospects. P.S. I work in Outgrow so feel free to ask any questions about the platform
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@anand_kansal Clever idea! And it looks like there's an opportunity for the website owner to add a module to capture the users email address for lead generation, correct?
@jenieceprimus @anand_kansal Yes absolutely. Thats where the magic happens :)
Looks creative and fresh, will be following this up. It would be cool if there is a visual clue on the progress of the user in the calculator.
@shubhammundra We have many templates and some of them have the progress bar. For example, check out this one: https://website.outgrow.co/Which...
Sure - feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!
Can we create outcome based calculators as opposed to numerical calculators? For example, "which laptop should I buy?" vs "how much will this laptop cost me?"
@rahul_2048 Yes, you can create numerical calculators, outcome based calculators (which superhero are you etc?), assessments, graders and a variety of other interesting interactive tools :)
Great to see Outgrow on PH. If you're looking at lead gen and are willing to invest in getting the content right, there's a bunch of potential to scale out a calculator or quiz for lead gen. Also, huge props to Randy, Pratham and the team for their customer focused approach - these guys listen, build and move fast.
@conradwa Thanks Conrad :) We really appreciate the support!