Outflow aims to solve the problem of having multiple subscriptions and not knowing when they are renewing and how much you are paying for each. We have built the app to be intuitive and fast, so you can take control over how you are spending your money.

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Looks fantastic. Would love to see an android version.
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Outflow initially launched on Product Hunt over two years ago. Since then, I have had the opportunity to attend Apple's WWDC where I gained more knowledge regarding Swift and iOS. This experience inspired me to do a complete rewrite of the app. The goal of this update was to create a more functional and stable version of Outflow. This new update features a brand new interface making it more convenient for quicker viewing of all your subscriptions. Also, during the original launch, one of the most requested features was the ability for the app to find subscriptions that you may already have. The app now allows you to connect to your Gmail account to receive suggestions on what subscriptions to track. Some other features include automatic currency conversion, a today extension, more renewal frequencies and a greater importance on app stability to name a few. If you are interested in seeing all the new features, you can check out this blog post: http://outflowapp.com/blog/3.0. Fun facts: - The app is 100% written in Swift. - *Only* ~25 caffeinated chocolate bars were consumed in the making of this. - Version 3.0 marks the third major re-write of the app. If you have any questions or feedback, I would love to hear them! Ozzie
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@kirkbyo_ Nice work on the Swift rewrite! It's looking good. :)
@kirkbyo_ decaf chocolate- what's the point?!
@passingnotes oops, that was a typo. They were definitely caffeinated haha
@kirkbyo_ its very thin on resources if only 25 caffeinated chocolate bars were consumed 👍
@kirkbyo_ any plan on releasing android version?
I'd be interested in paying for an add-on that let's me track business subscriptions separately from personal.
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@benjaminefox I recently did an inventory for a bank switch and we have 31 monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. From quickbooks to github and everything in between. Tracking is a PITA.
@benjaminefox Interesting idea, I'll look into it! 😀
Why not a web app ?
@raphchabaud I initially contemplated on building it for the web, however I decided on iOS because of the ability to have extensions and receive notifications. Also, I found that personally, I like the idea of managing my finances from my phone.
@kirkbyo_ Ok but also excluding a lot of people of your product.
@raphchabaud Just letting you know, as a web alternative we're launching UNUBO next week. Feel free to check it out: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
How is this better than Truebill?
@ejameswill Truebill seems like a super cool product! I think Outflow differentiates itself by focusing on showing you when they are renewing while TrueBill concentrates on the cancellation of fees.