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Outfit feedback is the majority of text conversation with my sister already. Glad to have another person to consult with. So far, the service didn't disappoint!
This is really good! congratulations on the launch. Im just curious, so who are these 'professional stylists' ? Are they getting paid for the service?
@shivkanthb Thanks! All the stylist's on the OutFitR platform are indeed professional stylist's who dress people for a living, they all have their own clientele. They are also very big supporters of the OutFitR platform and we do pay them for their services.
Not directly something I'd use, but I'll suggest this to my GF and see what she thinks about it :)
Classic OutFitR exchanges!
@mamo_abenezer Classic exchange.
I, for one, am excited about the recent trend in the assistants-on-demand model. The simplicity of it makes it ripe for interesting ideas, though it does have its challenges, e.g. trust. For the fashionably conscious amongst us, however, OutFitr offers a risk-free way of dishing out fashion advice. I like the premise of it. @lorenzo26, @Mamo_Abenezer: how did the idea come about? And can you tell us a little more about the fashion assistants that are powering OutFitr?