A brand management platform for large organisations

Outfit.io Making a brand's marketing collateral editable but unbreakable to non-designers in a team (without giving the designers a heart attack). Hi Product Hunters, I’m Beau and I’m a Designer and Front-End Developer at Outfit.io. We created Outfit when we discovered an inefficiency that affects Marketing and Design teams that rely solely on designers for all of their collateral creation. Outfit digitises your brand guidelines through purpose built templates that your team can edit, export and use straight away. We developed a cloud based platform, which allows brands to: Share constraints based templates which teams can edit and export, but not break Assign permissions to different users depending on their role, e.g. designers can change the layout of a design, while content writers can only change the text Make collaboration easy with the teams feature Multi-edit easily, change copy once in one place and have it automatically update across many templates Export in the right format, at the right size that allows users to get their material and assets out in the world faster Free up designers to do what they do best, by eliminating hours wasted on resizing and repurposing existing designs. Outfit is extremely powerful and the brands already on board have created some pretty amazing templates but I wanted to keep this short and tell you about the core features. We are proud of what we have created and we are building on it everyday. We would love your comments, feedback and questions. Cheers, Beau