Outcast for Apple Watch is the best way to browse, download and play podcasts directly on your Apple Watch.

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Benjamin Lupton
Founder, Bevry
If anyone is working at Audible, or knows anyone who is, can you please get Audible to release an Apple Watch app, even if that means hiring the Overcast developer. I run and listen to Audiobooks, and it is sad needing to carry my iPhone 6S+ for that, when I already have an Apple Watch and AirPods!
Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal 💎 Board of Gen-Z 🐝
This is so cool @hendx! Do you plan on adding support to additional existing podcast apps?
Quentin Zervaas
Bagel eater @ Crunchy Bagel
@amrith thanks! You can already import/export your subscribed podcasts between the regular podcast player you use on iPhone. I want to make it sync playback progress too eventually.