Giving every student a voice to stand up to bullying!

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I'm not sure if this is the solution, but I applaud any effort to try to find a solution. I grew up in a happy home and I got bullied at school; so, going to school was a nightmare during most of my childhood. I quickly learned that if I got sick I could stay home and being sick turned into mini-holidays. I didn't want to go overboard in faking it, so, I faked headaches. Over time, the head aches started to get real. My head was actually hurting as a defense mechanism for having to go to school. It got to the point where I was taken to the hospital, got electroencephalograms and other studies done. As a kid, I didn't understand what was going on, my head just hurt. Today, I still get those headaches whenever I have to face frustrations or unpleasant challenges. My body learned it's a way to avoid them... except that is not anymore, so, I have to face those things with a head ache. Bullying sucks.
@pupeno Thanks for sharing your story that really means a lot to us. Since many schools deal with bullying differently we hope to find a solution that works for as many schools as possible and give every student a voice to stand up and make sure they feel safe on their school campus. Bullying affects so many students every day. Many students feel as though they have no one to go to if they need help or they feel like the situation may get worse if they talk in person with a teacher about what happened. We hope that OutBully is a good first step in solving these issues at schools around north America and beyond and are dedicated to finding other ways to combat bullying in schools.
Hey everyone OutBully is now accepting applications for schools who want to use our platform! The OutBully platform allows students in high school, college and university to report incidents of bullying to the school board fast and securely, giving every student a voice to stand up to bullying! Bullying is a commonly dismissed issue within educational institutions and society worldwide. Over 160,000 students in the United States alone miss school every day due to bullying. We want to make schools a safer place for people to learn and grow without fear. You can also check out first OutBully Video below:
This is needed in every school and I'm ready to help promote and support this platform my email is djbme252@gmail
Agree with J. Pablo really... It's a start. It might be the right solution but may not be. However, any effort to combat bullying can only be commended. Good luck with OutBully!
@darrenmoore488 Thanks for the feedback and we really appreciate the support, bullying is a major issue and it's dealt with differently around the world. With OutBully we hope that our solution will help give students a voice to be heard and are dedicated to finding the right way to stand up to bullying that works for schools and students.
Thanks everyone for your feedback and support. Help us keep growing OutBully and sharing our story by inviting your friends to check out and upvote OutBully <3