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Hi Everyone, Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We have only been around a few months but we are building a really solid travel community! We are available on both iPhone and Android if you want to check the app out. Feel free to fire any questions my way and I will be happy to answer them. Cheers, Ryan Hanly
- Find travellers around you or in new destinations - Explore trips and match travel plans - Interact with travellers on the noticeboard - Discover and attend events in any destination - Always have internet with our wi-fi finder I'm trying to install this on my phone, but it's telling me I've overdone the app thing this month. May be time for another phone... or a good uninstaller. :D
@v4violetta Appreciate the hunt Violeta!
Meeting fellow travelers is one of the most wonderful things to do when traveling. Looks like a lovely app. Thanks for hunting it Violeta!
@arron_dean That was exactly the inspiration for Outbound Dean - we couldn't agree more!
A couple of my most meaningful friendships have started from a very similar platform - a travel community for matching up with people for trips - TravBuddy. Compressing this down into an app makes a lot of sense, and if the UX is good I could see it being very useful. The key, which TravBuddy has nailed, is putting in the leg-work to build a real community.
Just got the app installed and gave it a spin: It's very well put together - great work guys!
@dan_e_gray Thanks Dan - there's a few refinements to do, but we are pretty happy with the feedback from users so far. Appreciate your comments.