Out of Office Email Generator

Personalized, witty OOO replies for guilt-free vacationing.

Why are OOO replies so...boring? Celebrate vacation with the Out of Office Email Generator. The form as quick details about your time off and generates two witty OOO reply options to copy and paste to your email settings. Guilt-free vacation for the win!

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Looking forward to using this while I'm getting married later this year! Curious, how many variations are there? Or is this written by a bot/turk and therefore every message is unique?
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@hijonathan There are about 20 variations (and hopefully more soon - we've gotten some clever submissions since launch!) Congrats on the engagement :D
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I already get jealous when I see an out of office message, I don't think I could handle a witty one :P Nice Idea!
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Awesome! A definite bookmark! I am looking forward to using it next time I will be taking a vacation.
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