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#3 Product of the DayJune 22, 2019
Maybe it’s obvious, but we believe different work requires different space. Companies waste tons of $ on fancy offices, only to have employees hate their commute. So we scouted 500+ free & private workspaces around town, then put them all in a colorful app.
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What’s up product hunters! -- we’re Steve & Kyle, founders at Out Of Office. Not only did we build this app, but we also scootered our butts off to personally visit every recommended location. That includes EVERY coffee shop in San Francisco!...don’t believe us? Comment below to test our knowledge :) Most locations in the app are free, but we just launched a marketplace with premium bookings starting at $2.50/hr for coworking passes. Plus fancy conference rooms if you’re hosting a client meeting or a team offsite. It all starts with the type of work you have to do. Then based on your location, we match you with the best coffee shops, hotels, coworking spaces, museums, and public parklets. Verified WiFi when you need it, fresh air & people watching when you don’t. If you’re making a booking in the next week, use promo code SPACEHUNT for 50% off! Reach out if you have questions, and thanks for taking a look!
Awesome App! Hope it will be on top today 🙂

Looking forward to see it expand. :)


The UI is great Loved that it is not asking for unnecessary permissions ie. Location, Notification etc


Wish it was available in Los Angeles area

We'll come to LA soon ✈️ thanks Rushi!
Great job! I hope I can use that in Turkey soon. :)