Block ads or unblock and get paid or donate to charity

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An interesting approach to a currently pretty-thorny problem. Here's how the team describes ourdata: Ourdata is an excellent, elegant ad blocker for Chrome and iOS. Ourdata is a consumer data union that wants to redirect the hundreds of millions being paid to the largest ad blockers by Google, Taboola etc. to the users instead. Publishers struggling to monetize their content use Ourdata to get readers to unblock. Users use Ourdata to monetize their data and attention. Google et al can use Ourdata to ward off the existential threat of blockchain technology.
A Chrome Ad-Blocker that donates to charities. What's not to love here? 😯
@gillesdc Thanks! Our charity option is in keeping with our mission as a for public benefit corporation. Like Etsy and Patagonia, incorporating as a PBC allowed us to put the interests of our community (and society) before the interests of our shareholders. Supporting non-profits is part of this mission.
First, big thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us. We are thrilled to be here. My co-founders and I strongly believe the time has come for a consumer data union. Ourdata addresses adblocking in a new, socially responsible way that has the potential to short-circuit the ads arms race. Functionally the product is an adblocker but there is one big twist: instead of extorting ad networks for payoffs and keeping the loot, we pay that money out to users who opt in to see ads- giving them a choice: monetize their data or block ads. If users opt to see ads, they get paid. If not, that's ok too. It is not a life changing amount of money (~$100/year) unless you live in sub-Saharan Africa or other developing nations where it could make a huge difference. For those interested, there is a simple donate option. Good work for a good cause. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others are making incredible profits on the browsing data we all give away for free. Traditional ad blockers are extracting hundreds of millions of dollars to allow ads and data to flow to and from their users. Those ad blockers are keeping that money for themselves. At Ourdata, we pledge to pay at least 90% back to our users. The ad blocker is based on uBlock origin and is an effective and easy to use ad blocker. Our team is available to answer any questions you have and we welcome your feedback!!
Great team that has a genuine interest in solving this problem!
@petevii Thanks for the kind words.
I've been using it for the past week and it's great. It blocks ads just as effectively as my other ad blocker, and by using it I'm helping to shift how consumer data is handled. Great all around!