Everybody’s photos in one place - in real time

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@fokfok showed me this at the Hong Kong meetup and I have been eagerly waiting to hunt it. The idea is simple, but using it is great. From the time I downloaded it until I started taking tons of sharable photos was about 2 mins. Great experience. Love this app.
@nzieber Thank you so much!! Glad you like it Nick!
Hi everybody, I am proud to announce OurCam on Product Hunt! OurCam helps you keep everybody's photos in one place - in real time. Create a special album for parties, trips, birthdays, weddings, concerts, sports and tech events. Photos you take or upload are instantly organized and shared on OurCam. Collect moments from the perspective of all your friends. Comment right on the photos. Relive your moments anytime. No more nagging for photos.
Have been using Ourcam for team gathering and activities, a great app for everyone to share photos instantly. Can't miss for team / parties / boy-band :)
@chpapa happy to hear that ben!!!
Love the product! Those who haven't tried should bring it to your meetup / party next time 😉 Congrats @fokfok !
@paprikaxu Yes! OurCam is much more fun with friends ha :)