The world's first smart wellness ring

ŌURA is an award-winning wellness ring and app, designed to help you get more restful sleep and perform better. Learn how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep and how the quality of your sleep affects your ability to take on the day.

Live ready. With ŌURA.

i've seen them present it launched a year ago or so. Only downside i see is the price, it falls into the "smart watch" category - why get a ring, when you can just get a fully equipped watch that does the same thing for that price?
@rickats One reason: you don't wear watches, but do wear rings :)
@covrter @rickats Except there's utility in a watch (i.e. you can easily keep track of time), v.s. a ring which is just flashy
@plahtela It's still a bit unclear what this ring does. Seems like it's a sleep quality tracker? Am I missing some other features? What's this learn your lifestyle thing about?
Great to see more wearables focused on wellness like this and SONA by Caeden.
Ok i get it,and its very cool also but 489euro for a ring ? 😒
Very cool product and beautiful design. Nice work. I will definitely check it out if it ever achieves a lower price range.