Our Feels

Share and explore all the feels around you

Our Feels is a mobile web app and social experiment that lets you explore how people are feeling near you. By submitting your feels, you can also keep track of your own feelings together with additional context such as: time of day, weather conditions, and specific locations.

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Hey @playgraph, thanks for hunting this is a cool idea. The Calvin Harris song 'Feels' got in my head when I started reading your post. Please tell us more about the story behind the app - why did you start working on it?
@abadesi Hey thanks! It's funny, one night that song came on while I was building Our Feels. It became my theme song for the next couple weeks!
Happy Friday Product Hunt! Dave from Playgraph here. I had an itch to scratch over the holidays so I built Our Feels. It’s a social experiment that lets you share and explore all the feelings around you. The idea came to me whilst building another hyperlocal side project. The question I wanted to answer was “could I build a simple app that would let people keep their finger on the pulse of their community?” I wanted to get to the essence for why people are so drawn to hyperlocal information, and through some basic research I found that emotions and feelings are some of the most powerful connectors between people and places. I then recalled two awesome projects from the early 2000s that I really loved. They are We Feel Fine and Twistori. Both of which heavily influenced my little project. Though Our Feels is more of a social experiment, I am seeing some real value in two areas. The first is in self-awareness. Our Feels lets you keep track of your feelings along with contextual data such as time of day, weather conditions, and specific places or locations. I’ll continue to build out data visualizations for these data. Our Feels can also be used to locate the places around you where people are happy or having fun. Instead of looking for things to do based on traditional categories, it could be fun to find new places based on where people are currently having a god time. I’d love to hear from you regarding what you think and how it makes you feel!

This app is fun to use. I like the color coding of some emotions. It's an easy way to see the vibes around me. It's nice to see someone having a good day or to know I'm not the only one having a bummer of a day.


Quick and fun to use!


Not really