Realtime, inline commenting for Ghost blogging platform

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@byosko love it so far. Great job! I added how to set it up (super simple) to my Ghost Smart Guide: http://gettingstartedwithghost.com/
This is something a couple guys at GoInstant put together -- they love Ghost (blogging platform) and wanted to add a nice, clean inline commenting system to it. Ouija leverages GoInstant for its realtime capabilities. And it's all open source too.
Interesting concept. I worked on something similar for ebooks a few years ago. We considered building something for online articles too, so I'm really interested to see where this will go. Is there a demo we can check out?
Here's a site where they added Ouija: http://www.svenread.com/a-design...
Very well done, @byosko. Livefyre released Sidenotes, a similar inline, Medium-style commenting a few weeks ago. What does your roadmap look like? P.S. Ben, Josh, and I chatted about Ouija (among many other things) in the last episode of Product Hunt Radio.