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Hi Product Hunters, I’m Luis, CEO of Apidaze, and we're mind blown to launch Ottspott’s beta today while we are attending Web Summit in Dublin ! For some months now, we have been using it for our own Slack team at Apidaze, and felt it was time to give it away to the worldwide Slack addict teams. We know there a lot of solutions out there for handling voice, but we felt that Slack teams deserved their own. And we’re the fastest: In less than 30 seconds, with no invites or coding skills, your Slack team can set-up a local city phone number (we add countries every day and if you have a special request for a city, you can ask us on and start making and receiving calls. This allows you to get closer to your customers and project a great business image. Ottspott relies on Apidaze’s real time communications API operating for hundreds of clients, and on a secured telecom backend, so you can be totally reassured. We handle thousands of calls every day for our API customers. Consider this launch version as a first step in handling communications differently: we have lots of new features under development and a totally different approach in mind than traditional voice providers or APIs. If you want to learn more about Ottspott’s launch during Web Summit Dublin, please read this article : Last but not least, we wanted to make it FREE for getting a number (which you usually get for $2 to $6 on other platforms), unlimited inbound calls, and also offer 1 hour monthly outbound calls/call forwarding. For Product Hunt fans we'll offer 3 months of paid plan, i.e. same features but 4 hours of outgoing calls or call forwarding. And, PLEASE, do make suggestions, report bugs and help us spread the word (@ottspott_co) . If you’re in Dublin, we’d be happy to meet you on November 4 booth B175 (Builders Area). Thank you all and have fun using Ottspott. Luis
We used to open a slack room for customer support. But it did'nt look so much "enterprise" for our biggest customers. It seems we now can give to all our customers a unique VIP customer experience with a dedicated number per slack room, and even manage the team behind better for connecting with Enterprise customers (who payfor/prefers calls than chat). Looking for trying it asap!
@Mehdi. Thanks, we're glad you like ottspott. We're going to bring a lot of improvements on ottspott after this stunning launch here at Web Summit in Dublin. This version is just the beginning, and we're enthusiastic about what we can still do to enhance business communications through Slack.