Otto Radio for Android

Podcast discovery and personalized news. Now on android

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Hey everyone, Otto Radio for iOS was hunted a few month ago ( and the feedback was invaluable. Now we’re excited to launch our new and improved Otto Radio on Google Play Store! Finding the right podcasts and interesting news has always been a tricky task for Android users. Otto Radio is the first app on the Play Store to solve the problem by personalizing every broadcast for every listener. Our goal is to help everyone discover the stories they love about the things they care about most - all with the push of a button! We’d love to answer any questions and get feedback from Product Hunt’s Android users! Happy listening, Adam and the Otto Radio team
Nice job! I've been using Otto Radio for IOS for quite a while and it's amazing!
@sgzhaohang Thanks for your continued support & feedback 💯👍
@sgzhaohang Thanks for your support Hang! Hope you have more good feedback to us!