Otto Radio 2.0

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The 2.0 version of Otto Radio introduces content that's perfectly timed for your Uber ride, built on the Trip Experiences API. I'm super excited about what Otto's built here — and in conjunction with the seven other launch partners today, shows off how this kind of contextual data help differentiate apps.
@chrismessina Thanks for hunting us! Otto Radio – your source for personalized news and podcasts – is back with a big update 🎉 Here are some highlights of Otto Radio 2.0: Uber Trip Experience integration – simply connect the two apps and get personalized podcasts and audio news timed to your Uber ride Search-based Broadcasts – listen to broadcasts all about any topic you choose Improved Browsing – Listen to “Stories” or look for “Sources” with ease Quick Launch – start a broadcast without even opening the app 3D Touch – get information on any news story or podcast with a single push Revised Story Cards – Larger “Play / Pause” button for easier use while driving or multitasking We’re definitely honored to be one of just eight apps to launch Uber’s Trip Experiences API first. You can see all the partners and learn more here. Otto Radio was built for the curious mind. Our mission is to help fill your commute, Uber ride, workout or other activities with new ideas, humor and fresh ways of looking at the world! We’ll be on Product Hunt all day to answer any questions. Thank you, Product Hunters! Happy listening, Adam and the Otto Radio team
Already loved your app, and it keeps getting better!
@chris_carpentier Appreciate the love! Thank you very much! Interested to hear what new podcasts you have discovered since using Otto? Any new favorites? And what is your favorite feature. Appreciate you!
Am i allowed to use it again w/o Uber? 😄 Joke away - what's the product strategy? Would love to read some insights. Maybe some details about localized content?
@llabball Great questions! Ultimately we see ourselves as an audio information provider, and want to give you a listening experience in which you can catch up on topics you care about, and discover new shows relevant to your interests – these of course include regionalized content such as local news, sports updates, events, traffic, weather, etc. If your curious mind doesn’t feel satisfied at the end of your Otto broadcast, we are not doing our job right. You will hear from us soon re localized content and features!
Huge fan of what the Otto Radio team is doing and excited to see what else they come up with.
@vincentorleck Thanks Vincent! We appreciate the ongoing support and continued feedback.
Isn't it a bit confusing calling it Otto given the Otto truck company that you guys acquired?
@_jacksmith I had the same 🤔
@_jacksmith never heard about it. Can you provide a link?
@_jacksmith It's a bit of an unfortunate coincidence; but I think it's clear that the two separate companies--Otto Radio the self-curating radio and Otto the self driving truck--both strive for automation in its respective verticals to deliver value to our customers--whether it's a bored driver in our target market, or in OTTO's case, a more efficient and reliable transportation network ;)