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Alex Carter — Operations @ 60dB. Ex-PH Podcasts 😻
I discovered Otto Radio a while ago and have been excitedly waiting to share it with the Product Hunt community. Otto has a great tutorial and crafts podcast news segments for your commute. If you really liked Swell and have been looking for a replacement, you should give Otto a whirl cc @semil
Stanley Yuan — CEO, Otto Radio, Inc.
@alexcartaz thanks for hunting us! I’m Stanley, co-founder of Otto Radio.

Curating spoken audio content is hard, and we created Otto to help take the pain out of finding podcasts and news stories. Otto comes from my personal experience as a commuter -- I used to have a daily hour-long drive between San Francisco and Palo Alto, and it was a time consuming and frustrating process trying to assemble a daily playlist of interesting talk shows and interviews to make the most of my drive. If I forgot to prepare my playlist, I would end up listening to random podcast episodes or mindlessly surf the channels on satellite radio. With such good recommendation engines for music (Pandora / Spotify) and videos (Netflix / YouTube), there simply wasn’t a robust discovery platform for spoken content that truly understands the user’s interests and consumption pattern.

Given the sheer number of good podcasts and the 100 million hours Americans spend commuting daily, we thought it just made sense to create a personalized app that efficiently matches the supply and demand.

We also believe the existing model for distributing spoken audio content is broken. Podcatchers leave curation up to the listeners, which is why 90% of downloads still come from the top 50 podcasts on the iTunes charts. We are envisioning a new spoken audio ecosystem with more efficiency for listeners and transparency for producers. For listeners, it’s a lean-back, personalized disocvery experience of news and podcast. For podcasters, it’s a distribution platform designed to perfectly match content to the interests of individual listeners.

Our mission is to help fill your commute, workout or other activities with new ideas, humor and fresh ways of looking at the world!

We’ll be on Product Hunt all day to answer any questions. Thank you Product Hunters!

Happy listening,
Stanley and the Otto Radio team
Paul Shustak — Working on my next big thing.
@alexcartaz I LOVED Swell. Seriously one of my favorite apps ever. I was so pissed at apple for killing it. Hoping Otto fills the hole it left behind. Downloading now.
Alex Loomis — CMO, Otto Radio, Inc.
Hey Hunters, here’s how Otto Radio works in a nutshell (watch or read at your pleasure :-)

• With the push of a button, Otto finds podcasts and news that best match your interests and listening habits
• Otto solves the discovery problem for you by combing through 33,000 podcasts and 1,000 major news sources to find the most desirable stories for every time it makes you a playlist
• Otto also tailors your playlists to your desired listening time to make the most of every minute
• And, Otto’s learning algorithm gets smarter by analyzing what causes you to finish, like, skip, or dislike stories to continually improve your experience

Today we are also featuring a special playlist of top tech podcasts in Otto curated by Product Hunt members – you will find interviews with Paul Graham (@paulg), Chris Sacca (@sacca), Roman Mars (@romanmars), and PH’s very own @rrhoover and @eriktorenberg. Tune in and enjoy!
Ian Mikutel — PM Lead, Microsoft OneNote
@abloomis @stanleyyuan How does a podcaster get listed in Otto? Do I need to submit to you guys, or do you pick it up automatically?
Stanley Yuan — CEO, Otto Radio, Inc.
@ianmikutel if you have an RSS feed, we typically pick it up automatically. One quick but rather manual way to check this is to go to the "Discover Podcasts" section in the Otto app -> search for your title; if it shows up in the search results, then the content is properly indexed. We are working on a new feature on to enable podcasters to easily verify their content, and for them to submit their RSS feeds and metadata if not indexed yet.
Ian Mikutel — PM Lead, Microsoft OneNote
@stanleyyuan Perfect, launching a new podcast very soon so great timing 😁
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