The most secure digital lock for the family experience

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I played with an early prototype of this thing. It's unlike anything else in the market. It's like having the precision of a fine watch on your door. The early software experience was quite magical as well.
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@aplusk the final version lives up to this and more !
how is the battery powered? what happens is wifi falls? what advantages does it have over other smart locks (usually cheaper)
@ourielohayon Otto uses 2 CR123 batteries as well as a back-up battery. If the lock is not connected to Wi-Fi, you and all guests with authorized access will still be able to use Otto via Bluetooth or entry code. However, if Otto is not connected to Wi-Fi, you will not be able to remotely access lock.
“Hi Product Hunt, I’m Sam Jadallah and I created Otto, the most secure digital lock built for the family experience. I teamed up with a crew of seasoned hardware and product designers (who formally built products for Apple, GoPro and Nokia), great investors like Greylock and Fortune Brands, and together we spent four years developing Otto. We’ve reimagined home access for families who want to share their space with people they know and trust, and we’ve decided to remove the most vulnerable part of the lock: the key – which has never been done with such style until now. For a limited time we’re offering complimentary concierge installation (a $150 value) with purchase; we’re committed to security, design and performance, and would love for you to tell us what you think about our product.”
@samjadallah you must be kidding or there is a price mistake on the site? $700 for this? With that money I can buy 3 smart lock from August or Friday or Kwikset.
@dany20mh thank you for your feedback. We see that people interested in Otto invest in their security and in their home design. Certainly there are other options for those who want to want a different level of security or design.
it would be helpful, especially to the PH community, if you could explain the differences in what exists today. If there aren't any huge differences, that's fine too, but you mentioned "different level of security or design." Is that mostly design? What is more secure? Thanks!
@art_chang Thank you for reaching out. Here is a link to that explains the differences in Otto versus existing options.
Are you going to crowdfund this?
@robert_melkonyan we are all set and ready for orders.
@samjadallah Great. Wish you all success!