⌚+🌲 = Hardwood bands for Pebble, Android and Apple Watch

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Mark Adams
Mark AdamsMaker@scorinth · Program Manager, Santa Cruz Works
Ottm is a set of unique hardwood watchbands that fit Apple Watch, Android Wear and Pebble. Its in the last 3 days of the campaign (ending this Saturday). There's three wood types: Maple, Zebrawood and Sandalwood. For Pebble and Android each band uses quick release spring bars and for Apple, the 42 and 38mm use the standard Apple Adapter. And now, time to dump all the wood puns: Get wood for your smartwatch I wood get one Yew should rock Ottm When it comes to straps, you should branch out (I have like a dozen more)
Leon Hitchens
Leon Hitchens@leonhitchens · Digital Marketing Strategist
I'm a fan of these, and a bigger fan of the igg prices!
Scott Ruona
Scott Ruona@scottruona · Marketing Analyst
These look like nice watchbands, but I think it's funny when watchband makers target smartwatch owners specifically. Almost all Pebbles and Android Wear watches have standard watch straps, so a Pebble Time watchband is good for any 22mm watch. Is it that smartwatch wearers have different band preferences, or are more likely to want multiple bands because they wear the same watch every day?
Mark Adams
Mark AdamsMaker@scorinth · Program Manager, Santa Cruz Works
@scottruona A lot of Pebble and Android owners swap bands, I haven't heard much of watch afficionados doing this. Moreover, not all 22mm bands are created the same - you have to go quick release if you're targeting smartwatch owners. If you're touting regular old 22mm which needs a tool to swap in and out, that's not particularly special or enticing to someone who is building a band collection because they will have to spend a lot of time switching the bands out.