Ottifox 2

Design and prototype custom WebVR scenes - without code.

Ottifox 2 is is a powerful design and prototyping solution that makes it easy to create interactive VR scenes that run in the browser - without writing code.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @madebynoam, Can you tell us more about how this works and why you built it?
@jacqvon thanks for asking! As a designer when I started looking at VR and AR design, the toolset looked quiet intimidating. I would need to learn quiet a few concepts and sophisticated game engines just to get a basic prototype up and running. So I saw the need for a rapid VR - and soon AR - prototyping tool. Just like 2D design has a number of great tools today, I felt like the same would come true for VR and AR design. Ottifox is meant to be more like Sketch than the traditional heavy weight engines for VR and AR. It’s meant to allow a designer to rapidly prototype VR scenes and then be able to hand off those prototypes to the stakeholders and dev team to take it further. Ottifox 2 makes that workflow even easier and more immersive - with built in support for finding 3D models from Google Poly, and with the addition of sound features and a streamlined UI. With Ottifox, you should be able to create a shareable VR prototype in minutes instead of hours or days - using a UI you already know and without writing code!