The 1st open source mass market car platform (with Renault)

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2017
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Hi hunters, I’m Tin, the founder and CEO of OSVehicle (YC W16), which makes open source electric vehicle hardware platforms (chassis, braking and suspension system, lithium batteries, electric motor, etc…). I’m proud to announce here a new platform is entering our ecosystem, POM, based on the Renault Twizy EV and soon available for everyone to develop, hack, create new mobility solutions. For the first time in the automotive history, a big automaker is releasing its electric vehicle platform in Open Source and it will be available to everyone on sale through a partnership with OSVehicle. Also ARM is involved in this partnership. Sign up to get more future communications (sales, source files, launch, etc…). Feel free to ask me and my team anything here too! We’d love to hear your feedback.
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.@tin_hang_liu Cool! I've wanted a Twizy since they first came out. Now I just need to learn to code.
@tin_hang_liu Wow! This is amazing! Definitely interested in learning a lot more about the platform and the partnership details.
@quan we can help you ;-)
@sambhu thank you! You can find on the link the specifications and please sign up on the form to receive future communications
@tin_hang_liu Good job guys! Looking forward to see more.
Now this is a lego project I can get on board with.
@gollyjer Great! Can't wait to see your contribution!
It's amazing how much of the car hardware, software and data are open access thanks to the future car companies.
Wow. This would be an amazing gift to engineering colleges and universities
@sridhar_kondoji yes between our clients we have some universities
Wow that's nice can't wait to see where the creativity will bring them :)
@geesignz here are some (public) examples of EVs developed by our customers https://www.osvehicle.com/projects/