Eavesdrop on what locals are recommending to each other

Osom is an ios app for discovering authentic recommendations from locals

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We are super excited to be launching OSOM on product Hunt! Thanks For Hunting us @gillianim! After many years of being unsatisfied with the solutions for search and discovery, @fedecasas and I decided to create OSOM; an app that focuses on collaborative wish lists with your friends. We hate landing on tourists traps and are 100% convinced that knowledge from locals is always better, but finding it is very hard. Of course, there are sites where one can read reviews and tips from locals, but we found most people share that information amongst their own friends and not on tourism sites. When you find a really cool burger bar, you share it with a friend or group of friends that you know love burgers. So we wanted to solve 2 problems: When traveling, we want to find the real authentic spots, but how do we tap into what locals are recommending to each other? How do I remember the recommendations my friends gave me? Because keeping them on a post-it or a google doc, does not do the job. We decided to build OSOM around that. Recommendations by friends, to friends. With OSOM, create wishlists and add spots you love or cool places you want to try out. Then, invite a few friends to the list so you all build it together, that way you have all your recommendations in one place. And that’s not all, you can look for other lists and follow them, tapping into other people’s authentic recommendations. It’s something like eavesdropping into the table next to you, which is incredibly useful for travelers. Forget unreliable rating systems like 5 star ratings and discover the best spots by tapping into what friends are recommending to each other. For more info check out our blog post and press kit on Medium: https://medium.com/@tonomb/the-o... Feel free to ask us anything. We are here to answer your questions.
Thanks For Hunting us @gillianim! It helps a lot on spreading the word. It is still a work in progress and will be getting major improvements soon!
This is awesome @tono_mb! I've been living in Mexico City for the past few years and it's impossible to keep track of all the places I want to try out. Foursquare has been useful but I'd rather take a look at what local people are recommending to each other. Great job!
@emiliorami Glad you like it. We built OSOM for people who want to try new spots out and share our frustration with the current alternatives on search and discovery. So we built osom around friend recommendations.
Your app is really awesome 😎 I use it daily to decide where to have lunch with my co-workers and to share and remember my favorite places to have a good beer. You're doing it awesome! 🤘