Osmo Pizza Co.

A lemonade stand reinvented through augmented reality

Ha this is cool Kids of the future "I've been selling all my life, when I was younger I ran an augmented pizza stand. You know, the usual of other entrepreneurs these days"
Is this awesome, @cocoradunsky ? Trainin' kids in biz mgmt, without sending them down the road to sell single slices of ham to Japanese business men and horse enthusiasts? @deaconlf @pramodsharma
I've actually fooled around with my nephew's Osmo. The tangrams game is super fun and interactive. This looks great!
Very nice idea!
I was surprised how realistic it is - kids have to take orders, make pizza, and take payments. I felt overwhelmed watching, but my 7 year old had no problem keeping up. From what I've seen, all the Osmo games are really well-done, and the object recognition works surprisingly well (as long as you have good lighting).