Oryx and Crake

Brilliant & rich dystopian vision of the near future

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@hueypriest have you read more Atwood? I've really wanted to get into her but I've been unable to. I'm going to give this a try. @annewootton is a big Atwood fan!
@eriktorenberg Yep, read them all. One of my favorite authors!
Loved Oryx and Crake, but the sequel, Year of the Flood, was so painful it put me off of reading fiction for 3 months.
@tymrtn In what way painful? I loved the whole trilogy, it's one of my favourite fantasy worlds.
@epicalex torturously long, decadent poetry, hymns, songs and mostly focused on a dull, naive character. Then again, I'm not a LotR guy either (same reasons), so maybe it's just not in my wheelhouse! Did you like LotR?
@tymrtn funnily enough I'm not a LotR guy for exactly those reasons you list!
@epicalex haha, well did you just skip over the boring parts of Year of the Flood then?
@tymrtn I actually found them (the hymns) quite interesting as a kind of alternative reading of a Christian religion. As an atheist I enjoyed how they almost felt like a parody. That and I can never bring myself to skip anything in a book ;)