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Thanks for posting, Jamie! :) We are extremely excited to introduce Orton to you all. Orton is a new platform for writers which aims to help and publish new writers. Writers can upload their work, receive detailed and constructive feedback, gain an online audience, and if popular, be published through Orton - both in print and digitally. Our aim is to give the readers the power to choose what's on their bookshelves, not publishing firms, and also give writers the feedback they need to get their work to the industry standard. We aim to change the writing industry, making the path to publishing more fair and accessible. We are currently working on building a community of writers and readers. Writers can upload their work and have it annotated through Orton’s unique annotation feature. Writers can also gain a following on their profile, meaning they can gain their own audience of readers, and this is just the start! The Orton team are working on new features such as Word Blast - a weekly flash fiction competition, Orton Editor - professional editors who work with writers on the site for more professional feedback, and Emblems - achievements for writing, editing ,and reading. Would love to hear your thoughts on the platform. If you have any questions you can message us directly on the site or email me on beth@orton.io.
Exciting idea!
I've been following this project for a few months now and it's certainly interesting to watch. I'm sure the team would love the feedback 😘
@notrab Thanks for posting Jamie :D Been working on this for the past few months with some fine folks, Beth, Rob and Andrea. We'll be around if you have any questions :)
I'm intrigued by this project. I wanted to do something similar for a while but never found the time. As a somewhat aspiring writer, one of the difficult things when starting is finding "beta readers". But getting honest feedback from friends and family can be hard, if they ever get to it. That said, a couple thoughts: 1. How is the writer's intellectual property protected? When signing up, I didn't see any terms and conditions or agreements. It may just be paranoia but if a writer has a unique idea, they may have some hesitation to just start sharing with easy, open access community. Should there be some kind of vetting process? 2. Most of the current postings are all shorter reads. What about longer submissions? Any considerations for a writer wanting to post a novella or novel? Good job, I would very much like this community to grow and make it more accessible for new artists to expose their work.
@xcast3d Hi thanks for the kind words and happy to answer these; 1. There are terms and conditions on our sign-up page, they can be viewed here; https://www.orton.io/terms-and-c... 2. We recommend that writers share their work in snippets. It's inspired by Charles Dickens who would post his novels as snippets in a magazine. This meant his readers were excited for the next segment of 'Oliver Twist' or 'Great Expectations'. Otherwise, you're giving everything away, when we hope to publish novels from popular writers in the near future. I hope that answers your questions? Please let me know if you have any more. :)
This is beautiful design. Looks like an absolute delight to read on. Hopefully the writers follow through on the quality. :)