A health monitor for your slack bot

A simple health monitor for your slack bot that periodically checks the status and core functionality of your slack bot as if a real using was using it
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Hello Product Hunt! It's been a long time since I launched anything here on PH, happy to be back :) Although I have three profitable products that are steadily growing, it's been months now since launching anything, and I hate that In order to make time for new projects, I decided to add one north star metric for each product, because I found myself digging through water by focusing on everything for three products You can see the metrics and reasoning behind each one here ( ) I am planning to launch MANY side projects in this period, like two per month, and as always, completely in the open on my Twitter page. I have a huge backlog of ideas, I'll just pick one and build it, like this one for example NOW! Let me introduce Orthios, it's a bot that periodically tests your chatbot's core functionality by having conversations with your bot as if it's a real user. I always wanted a product like this to exist, so I built it to scratch my own itch! Let me know what you think!
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@alexandersideris Great tool! Looking forward to seeing what you launch next.
Thanks for your effort.
I've definitely had issues with my Slack bots going down/not responding reliably/etc.
Great name!! :)