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Hi Hunters, We are really excited to be featured on Product Hunt and to show our work to the community. Orson is the easiest way to build efficient, professional and mobile-friendly websites thanks to our home-grown Orson Bot. We spent a lot of time on ease of use and the design of websites, but ultimately Orson is really focused on the performance and SEO of your site. Orson Bot is a world first. It's going to help you all along the website building process: Checking image quality, broken links and ensuring your website will always be pixel-perfect on phones and tablets. Orson Bot is going to provide you with different types of layout depending on the content you're adding and suggesting the most relevant keywords based on your text content. Try the difference and by all means, be sure to give us your feedback. Thanks for your time and feel free to comment.
Good job to the team! Love this new version :)
Congrats on the launch! As I clicked through the Features page to learn more, I noticed a lack of any images or samples to give me ideas and some context around the service. For a bit I thought that the page wasn't loading the images (and tried a different browser too). Is that intentionally kept simple and plain text? I've used Weebly in the past and really like the UX and number of sites I can manage using that. I do like the light-weight photo editing features you have in place but with nuances like 'requiring' an image name before allowing a user to proceed were off-putting. What would you say are your key differentiators from the competition like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix? Also, the subscription model seems targeted at a single domain (1 page vs unlimited pages), are you specifically targeting folks who want to maintain a single site with the initial launch?
Thank you @sylvain_dem for trying it out :))
Hello Sarthak, Thanks for asking. Indeed, on our website, we really wanted to keep it simple. Ghost.org has been a good model for that. We prefer you to test directly Orson. On Orson, we have focus on the ease of use to help you build a responsive website without coding. But not only, our goal is to help you to go further, to have a successful website in terms of performance. Orson bot is like a coach who is going to provide you advices in terms of SEO and design all along the website building process. That’s why, like you said, when you upload an image, Orson bot require a name for your image. It’s for the SEO. When you publish your page, Orson bot check also if you have missing title or description. So Orson bot will not let you doing anything, it will guide you. For the subscription model, we are targeting indeed more entrepreneurs, marketers and people who create content and don’t want to have headache with IT anymore. But we have specific program for agencies for example.